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Een interview met de man achter F-Zero GX. Kom meer te weten over deze daver in wekkende game en lees snel verder!

Question: When did you become interested in game development?

Nagoshi-san: I had played some games when I was young, but I really didn’t become interested until I was in college. Then I became infatuated with Sega’s games such as AfterBurner and OutRun – mostly games dealing with vehicles. Nintendo’s Famicom (NES) console was very popular at the time and I enjoyed playing it as well.

Question: After you actually joined Sega, one of the first games you worked on was Daytona USA. What was that experience like?

Nagoshi-san: There were many problems associated with its development. We tried completely new ideas such as having the hood fly open and damage effects, so it was very difficult. We were pioneering a new type of racing game, but for me personally that experience provided the general insight on how to develop a game.

Question: Most recently you worked on Spike-Out, a character action game for the arcade. What was that like for you?

Nagoshi-san: Spike-Out was my personal rebellion. [laughs..] I wanted to develop a game where you could play for a long time on just one coin. It was great for the players, but profits suffered because you have to take the arcade operators into consideration. At that time there was a drought of arcade games and I virtually wanted our new game to “Spike-Out” and reinvigorate the market. The fact that it was a character based action game emphasized that.

Question: When did the decision to collaborate with Nintendo come about?

Nagoshi-san: At the time Sega had just shifted its focus to multi-platform software development and began to support GameCube. We began working with Namco and Nintendo on arcade hardware based on their console dubbed “Tri-Force.” From that point forward we began to exchange ideas regarding cooperative software development projects.

Question: Why did you decide to develop FZero?

Nagoshi-san: I was interested in several of Nintendo’s franchises, but they approached me and thought it would be best if I handled FZero. Once that was decided, I thought an arcade and home version should be developed.

Question: Can you explain the linkage between the arcade and GameCube versions?

Nagoshi-san: The idea was to create a linkage between both versions -- I’ll try to explain. The cars, characters, courses, the entire experience of the arcade we wanted to bring home. On the GameCube players can build their own vehicle with custom emblems and then race them at the arcade. The compatibility between both versions is the linkage, we didn’t want players restricted as to where they could experience the new FZero.

Question: How would you describe the collaborative development process with Nintendo?

Nagoshi-san: I really appreciated the opportunity to work on the series. I respect the opinions of Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto and I often sought his advice on the project and leadership. Sega's approach to software development is much different from Nintendo, it was a very refreshing experience. For example, I thought aspects of the game engine itself were most important. Nintendo was interested in designing the vehicles themselves and then deciding on track design and other things. In the end, both approaches to development were incorporated. We spent time adjusting the vehicles and tracks afterwards and also problem solving -- so there was merit in both methods.

Question: What do you think is the most appealing aspect of FZero on GameCube?

Nagoshi-san: Nowadays the focus is on realism. Racing games are mostly simulations using real tracks, vehicles, etc. While that can be fun, I wanted to focus on the gameplay itself. I’ve enjoyed the FZero series for more than a decade already and I think it’s carved out its own place in the racing genre.

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