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offline Theun
22 september 2006 20:01 | #565215
Team Instinct
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Richard Hammond, bekend van Top Gear en Braniac, is een paar dagen geleden gecrasht toen hij de bocht uit vloog met 400 km/h. En hij is in kritieke toestand.
Hier het persbericht van de BBC:

TV host seriously hurt in crash
Richard Hammond,The presenter is being treated at Leeds General Infirmary, Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond remains seriously ill in hospital after a crash in a jet-powered car while filming for the BBC programme.The 36-year-old was taken by air ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary's neurological unit on Wednesday.A hospital spokesman said: "He has seen some improvement overnight, but remains in a serious but stable condition."Mr Hammond had been in a dragster-style car capable of reaching speeds of about 300mph at Elvington airfield near York.The hospital said his wife was at his bedside and, at the request of his family, no more information would be released.
The crash will be investigated by the Health and Safety Executive and the BBC.The BBC said in a statement: "We are looking into all the factors of this accident and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage until we know the full situation."The dragster car he was driving was believed to have been travelling at about 300mph when it crashed.Motoring expert Adam Rayner, of Fast Car magazine, said that at those speeds the driver would experience forces similar to those endured by fighter pilots."These cars accelerate at 6G - the force is breathtaking and stopping is a real difficulty," he said.Former firefighter Dave Ogden, who runs private firm Event Fire Services, was one of the first people at the scene of the crash.He said: "We were down there with Top Gear who were filming him trying to break the British land speed record."On the previous run, the car had just gone over 300mph but I am not sure if it had broken the record.Scene of Richard Hammond crash
The scene at the former RAF airfield where the crash happened
"They had just done one more run and were planning to finish when it veered off to the right.
"One of the parachutes had deployed but it went on to the grass and spun over and over before coming to a rest about 100 yards from us."He said his crew and an ambulance that was already on the airfield rushed over and found the car upside down and "dug in" to the grass.
Mr Ogden said he felt for a pulse and heard Mr Hammond breathing before the emergency crews worked together to turn the car the right way up and then cut him free.
He added: "He was regaining consciousness at that point and said he had some lower back pain. But he was drifting in and out of consciousness a little bit."
Former Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson said the presenter was "irreplaceable".
He said: "He is a wonderful, unique and distinctive Top Gear presenter.
"He has brought an awful lot to the programme and his indefatigable energy, the fact that he tries absolutely anything once, may have been the reason that he has overstepped the mark a bit.
"He has turned Top Gear into a gang show with Jeremy and James and the three of them have wowed audiences all over the world and he is an international personality."
Mr Willson added: "There is no pressure from the BBC or the producer to take undue risks.
"But that pressure is in your own head. You want to do an item on the programme which is mindblowing."The presenter, who works on Top Gear with fellow hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May, grew up in Solihull, was educated in Yorkshire and lives near Cheltenham with his wife and children.In addition to presenting Top Gear for the BBC, he is also presenting the current series of Brainiac on Sky One.
offline Gebruiker 2308
22 september 2006 20:31 | #565222
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Nou kom maar op met het filmpje : Smile ) Devil
Ik hoop trouwens dat hij weer beter wordt en Top Gear weer gaat presenteren want hij deed het altijd goed!
offline DTH
22 september 2006 20:33 | #565223
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Tja, goede les voor hem hoop ik.
offline link_mario
22 september 2006 20:37 | #565224
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Hopelijk komtie er weer bovenop!

En hij lijkt nog steeds op 'n hobbit vind ik Blush Very Happy
offline Tibbe
23 september 2006 00:34 | #565288
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The Hamster is vet cool... hopelijk kan hij nog wel brainiac en top gear presenteren.

offline ferox
23 september 2006 01:33 | #565293
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Dat krijgje als je te hard rijd
offline Joost
23 september 2006 03:38 | #565309
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Ik las 't in de krant. Maar toen ik deze tropictitel las was ik even bang voor de Star Wars muziek maker. Lijkt die naam erop?
offline Skuzzie
23 september 2006 11:02 | #565329
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Ik las 't in de krant. Maar toen ik deze tropictitel las was ik even bang voor de Star Wars muziek maker. Lijkt die naam erop?

gepost door: Joost op Zaterdag 23 september 2006 03:38

Richard Hammond <> John Williams

Niet bepaald dus Smile
offline Arno
23 september 2006 14:31 | #565363
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Ik had liever Jeremy of die andere baklap zien crashen...
offline semper
24 september 2006 03:47 | #565473
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No worries, Richard kan het hebben.
offline Herr Walter
05 oktober 2006 16:50 | #567561
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Don't care [] Smile
offline Xaria
05 oktober 2006 17:16 | #567570
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Don't care [] Smile

gepost door: Herr Walter op Donderdag 05 oktober 2006 16:50

Je cared door te posten Hilarious Bye
offline Herr Walter
08 oktober 2006 17:43 | #568122
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nee, daarmee blijk ik mijn niet-medeleven.
offline Gebruiker 6985
18 oktober 2006 18:45 | #569898
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Stoer man.