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"Can we live without death? Can we love without hate? Can we want without need? Do we ever really live our lives enough to appreciate that we can never truly grasp one without the other? That a concept has no meaning without an opposing force? If hate is what's inside us and hate is what defines us, then we will use our hate to drive us and let death not deprive us. Do we want this or do we need this? You can always rinse the surface but the stain will remain." ~ MIW


Favoriete games

- The Legend of Zelda: Serie (vooral de 3D Zelda's)
- Mario RPGs
- Monster Hunter
- Metroid Prime
- Xenoblade Chronicles

Ja, ik kan hier nu wel een hele lijst neerzetten. Maar om het kort te houden: (j)RPGs,
Hack 'n' slash, adventure, tactical games and much much more...and Minecraft.


- Think you can take me?! Don't forget me! -

skull kid

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